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For members of the Local Government Pension Scheme in England and Wales

What death grant is paid if I have left the LGPS but not taken my pension?

This news article was published on 30 Nov 2021

If you die after leaving the LGPS and before you take your pension, you hold a deferred benefit in the LGPS. The lump sum death grant payable depends on when you left:

  • if you left after 31 March 2008 – five time your deferred annual pension is paid
  • if you left before 1 April 2008 – three times your deferred annual pension is paid

However, if you left with deferred benefits and die before receiving them and you are also an active member of the LGPS when you die, the death grant payable is the higher of:

  • your deferred death grant as calculated above, or
  • three times your assumed pensionable pay in your active employment

If you hold more than one deferred benefit in the LGPS a death grant will be paid from each deferred benefit, provided you are not also an active member of the LGPS.

If you paid Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) arranged through the LGPS, the value of your AVC fund is also payable.

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