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For members of the Local Government Pension Scheme in England and Wales

What happens if my job is transferred to a private contractor?

This news article was published on 17 Dec 2021

If your job is transferred to a private contractor, your pension may be affected. There are two possible outcomes:

  • The contractor will commonly become an admission body in the LGPS. This will allow you to stay in the LGPS as long as you continue working on the delivery of the same service. The pension benefits you built up before the transfer will be joined to your continuing pension account, unless you choose to keep them separate. See the section on transferring in for more information.
  • The contractor may offer you a broadly comparable scheme. This does not mean that the new scheme must match the benefits of the LGPS exactly, but the value of the package offered by the new scheme must be broadly equivalent to the LGPS. If you are offered a broadly comparable scheme, your options concerning your LGPS benefits are the same as those open to anyone leaving before retirement.

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