If the State Pension Age changes in the future how does this affect your LGPS pension?

As the Normal Pension Age in the LGPS is linked to State Pension Age any changes to State Pension Age in the future will apply to all the pension you build up in the scheme after 31 March 2014. That means that the age when you can take your pension in full without any reduction for early payment will change.

If you built up membership in the LGPS before April 2014 then you will have membership in the final salary scheme. These benefits have a different Normal Pension Age, which for most is age 65. For further information on when benefits built up before 1 April 2014 are payable please read the section if you joined the LGPS Before 1 April 2014.

If you are unsure what your State Pension Age is you can find out by using the this calculator.