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For members of the Local Government Pension Scheme in England and Wales

Facts and figures

Find out more about who administers the LGPS and the numbers involved.


The LGPS is administered locally by 86 local pension funds in England and Wales. This is the national website for the LGPS in England and Wales. It provides general information about the LGPS. Your local pension fund may also have its own website which you can use to find out specific information about your pension and how the LGPS is run in your area.

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The facts

The LGPS is one of the largest pension schemes in the UK. It is a defined benefit pension scheme which means your pension is based on your salary and how long you pay into the Scheme. Your pension is not affected by how well investments perform. The LGPS provides you with a secure and guaranteed income every year when you stop working.

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The figures

Across England and Wales the LGPS currently has 6.1 million members:

  • 2 million people are currently paying into the LGPS
  • 1.9 million people are being paid a pension from the LGPS
  • 2.4 million have a pension with the LGPS that they have not taken yet

Over 18,000 employers participate in the LGPS.

In March 2022, the market value of the LGPS was £361 billion.

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