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For members of the Local Government Pension Scheme in England and Wales

Thinking of leaving

Find out about your options if you leave the LGPS before you are ready to take your pension.

If the LGPS is not for you, you can opt out of the Scheme. You may wish to take financial advice before taking a step that will affect your income in later life.

Find out what happens and what your choices are if you leave the LGPS before you retire.

If you leave the LGPS and do not take your pension straight away, you can transfer it. Find out more about pension transfers and how to protect yourself from pension scams.

Your pension is at risk from scammers. Find out how to spot scams and protect your pension savings.

The Freedom and Choice rules do not change the way that you can take your LGPS pension. Freedom and Choice may affect you if you want to transfer your LGPS pension to a scheme that offers flexible benefits.

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