Paying less - the 50/50 Section

The LGPS offers you the flexibility to pay half your normal contribution rate and build up half your normal pension whilst retaining full life and ill-health cover. This is called the 50/50 section of the LGPS. It is designed to help members stay in the scheme, building up valuable pensions benefits during times of financial hardship. Use the find out more buttons on the right hand side of this page to access the Contributions Calculator; this will show you the effect on your take home pay of moving to the 50/50 section.

Employee contribution rates from 1 April 2021

Your actual pensionable pay
Main Section contribution rate
50/50 Section contribution rate
Up to £14,6005.50%2.75%
£14,601 to £22,9005.80%2.90%
£22,901 to £37,2006.50%3.25%
£37,201 to £47,1006.80%3.40%
£47,101 to £65,9008.50%4.25%
£65,901 to £93,4009.90%4.95%
£93,401 to £110,00010.50%5.25%
£110,001 to £165,00011.40%5.70%
£165,001 or more12.50%6.25%