Moving to the 50/50 section and paying extra

If you move to the 50/50 section and you are buying extra pension in the LGPS by paying Additional Pension Contributions (APCs) or Shared Cost APCs (where the cost is split between you and your employer) the APC contract must cease. In addition, you are not allowed to take out a new APC contract to buy extra pension whilst you are in the 50/50 section.

If however you are paying Shared Cost APCs to buy lost pension due to a period of authorised unpaid leave or unpaid child related leave these contracts can continue and new contracts can be taken out. This also applies if you are paying APCs (full cost to you) to buy lost pension because of a trade dispute or unpaid authorised leave of absence.

All other additional contribution options such as AVCs are not affected if you move to the 50/50 section.