Which type of worker are you?

Workers fall into one of three categories based on earnings and age. The categories are:

  • eligible jobholder
  • non-eligible jobholder
  • entitled worker

You will only be automatically enrolled if you are an eligible jobholder.

The table below summarises the different categories of worker. Earnings in the table are referred to as a yearly figure, however, your earnings for automatic enrolment will actually be assessed per pay period. This means if you are paid monthly, for example, if you were to earn more than £833.00 in any month (£10,000 divided by 12), you would trigger the earnings limit for automatic enrolment (even if you didn't earn a total of £ 10,000 over the whole year). In the table SPA refers to your State Pension Age.

Age 16-21 22-SPA SPA-75
Earnings under £6,240 a year Entitled Worker
Earnings between £6,240 and £10,000 a year Non Eligible Jobholder
Earnings over £10,000 per year Non Eligible Jobholder Eligible Jobholder Non Eligible Jobholder

You can elect to join the LGPS at any time whether you are an eligible jobholder or not. See the section on who can join for further information about this.