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For members of the Local Government Pension Scheme in England and Wales

Councillors in Wales

As a councillor of a Welsh county council or county borough council, you can join the LGPS as long as:

It is up to you whether you decide to join the LGPS. It is important that you complete a joining form if you decide to become a Scheme member. You can join the LGPS if you are already paying into another pension scheme.

This section provides some basic information about the LGPS for councillors in Wales. See the Full guide to the LGPS for councillors for more detailed information about the Scheme.

Pay and contributions

You pay 6% of your basic and responsibility allowances into the LGPS. If you pay tax, you will get tax relief on your contributions. Your council pays the rest of the cost of providing your LGPS benefits. This is generally around double what you pay.

Your LGPS benefits are based on your career average pay. Your career average pay is the average of:

You can increase your benefits by paying additional voluntary contributions (AVCs).

What are the benefits?

As long as you are in the Scheme for at least three months you will build up:

The normal pension age in the LGPS is 65,but you can take your pension benefits from age 55 onwards. If you take your benefits before age 65 they will generally be reduced for early payment. If you take them after age 65 they will be increased.

The LGPS also offers:

If you leave the Scheme and do not take your pension benefits straight away, you will have the same options as a councillor in England. See the section above covering Options on leaving the Scheme for more information. If you re-join the LGPS as a councillor in Wales in the same administering authority, you will have the option of combining your two periods of membership together.

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