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For members of the Local Government Pension Scheme in England and Wales

Sick leave

If you are off work due to sickness or injury, your pay might go down or you may receive no pay. If this happens, a notional pay figure is used to work out your pension to make sure you do not lose out. This notional pay is called your Assumed Pensionable Pay. You can find out more about Assumed Pensionable Pay in the section below.

You will continue to pay your basic LGPS contributions on any pay that you receive while you are off sick. If you are on unpaid sick leave, you will not pay any contributions.

If you are in the 50/50 section of the Scheme and your pay is reduced to zero while you are on sick leave, you will automatically be moved into the main section of the Scheme from the beginning of the next pay period. You would start to build up full pension benefits in the LGPS even though you are not paying any pension contributions. This may not apply if you are on leave for a short period. If your pay re-starts before the next pay period begins, you would remain in the 50/50 section.

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